holi hai

Some things always change, other things never change.

I know, change is the only thing constant is how the saying goes… but that’s not exactly true.  My feelings about India constantly stay the same and constantly change.  There have been so many conversations throughout my time here with roommates and friends and basically, some really great thoughts have been said that I wholeheartedly agree with:

“Everything that is true about India is also not true about India.” – Lorenz Noe
“Delhi is the city of 2-second emotions.” – Priyanjana Ghosh

And let’s be honest, more than only Delhi being the city of 2-second emotions, I think a more accurate and all-encompassing statement is that India is the country of 2-second emotions.  Sometimes, I am literally as happy as could be and am ready to stay for a long time, and other moments I am ready to leave tomorrow.

On top of my already complicated relationship with India, I know that in about 4 months that relationship will come to an abrupt end.  Honestly, it feels like senior year of college all over again – the uncertainties, the mystery, the hopefulness, and the utter fear and simultaneous excitement of the unknown.

But, while I slightly freak out about that from time to time, I also am trying to enjoy my time here.  I definitely did that on Holi.  It was my first time being in India for Holi and it was a really good first experience!  Yes, I did end up with a red/pink scalp for days and hair that was slightly strawberry blonde, but it was definitely worth it.  I took full advantage of the holiday and combined all my favorite things together: throwing things at people, music, and hanging out with friends.  I spent the day at the HOLI COW festival with some of the Delhi Drummers.  It was really fun and I finally got a chance to jam with them, after 6 months of being here and not being able to make it happen!  It was really fun and I’m super glad I got to meet them and hang out with all of them.  Aside from that, there isn’t too much I can talk about without somehow landing back up in the uncertainty of next year.  So, instead of continuing that rant, I’ll end it with a thought from someone who seems to have the right idea:

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.                                                           -Albert Einstein

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