I dedicated my birthday to support AIF

AIF supporter DJ Macri recently turned 24, and instead of asking for birthday gifts, DJ wants to raise funds to help support AIF’s efforts. DJ has almost reached his goal of $250, help him by contributing to his birthday campaign here: http://bit.ly/AIFDJMacri. Check out our interview with DJ to learn more about his story and his passion for giving to communities in need.

DJMakri1) Where are you from and can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My full name is David Macri Jr. I go by DJ. I grew up in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Received my undergrad degree in Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Northern Colorado and worked for a short period of time in Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation.  I am now working on my career in Personal Training. I got into my field because I really want to help others and that is a reflection of why I also want to do charity work and found the American India Foundation to be a great charity to help.

2) What is your interest in India?

I have never been to India as of now, but it is my goal one day. I have always loved the culture and as I grew up I was always wanting to learn as much about the country as possible. In high school, I began practicing the physical aspect of yoga and fell in love with it as it connected very much to my love and passion for health. As I grew in my love for the practice I began to explore the spiritual aspects of the yoga system and found such a connection with its principles of love, truth, non-violence and giving.  I started this campaign because I currently cannot fund myself to go to India, financially and time wise. Although it is my dream to do so, I figured for right now if this is what I can do to help, then I will.


3) Why do you think it is important to help the needy?

I think it is important to help the underprivileged because in many highly populated countries such as India, whether their lower socioeconomic programs are highly regulated or not, it can be very difficult to reach out to everyone in need. I hear a lot about this in India and I feel very touched by the culture and the people of that country. It hurts me to think that there are so many people in need while I am living across seas in a very privileged country where access to whatever I need is usually almost instant.  I also realized, if I know I can help people in my area through health and fitness, then there is nothing stopping me from being able to give help to people who are not in my area or always within my reach.

MANSI4) What is your favorite AIF program?

I really like the education and public health branches of AIF. I have a friend who has worked for the Foundation. Hearing what he has done and what the Foundation is about really stayed with me over the years and it had sparked my interest to get involved with AIF awhile back.

5) Have you learned anything about running your own birthday campaign?

I have learned that it can be tough to raise money on your own. It takes a lot sometimes to show people what the Foundation is all about, but I have found that, with a Foundation as fundamental for the America-India relationship, people are more willing to look into the campaign and be more giving. Especially when they see that there are such positive forces out there that are trying to really make good changes.

LAMP6) What is a word of advice for others that want to start their own fundraising campaign?

My words of advice would be: have fun, know why you are starting a campaign and you are really doing something great for those in need and that is what matters most.

7) Any last questions or comments?

I just want to say thank you for all this Foundation does and the positive impact it has on the volunteers, but even more so on those in need in India.


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