India Mission Trip

AIF's India Mission Trip

Over the past 15 years, the AIF India Mission Trip has established a benchmark in experiential, impact-focused travel by creating unforgettable and transformative visits to our programs on the ground. Our cohort of socially responsible travelers deeply connect with diverse communities, forge strong relationships, and challenge preconceived notions as they engage with India through the AIF lens. This immersive, authentic experience enables participants to witness firsthand the incredible social change happening in India to create a growing community of globally-minded changemakers connecting the civil societies of the US and India. Along with program visits to remote, rural, tribal, and urban areas of India, these trips also feature high-level networking convenings with policymakers, industry leaders, and social changemakers, creating the space for meaningful discourse. Of course, each Mission Trip is filled with delicious regional Indian cuisines, thoughtfully designed sightseeing opportunities, and a delightful travel experience following strict protocols of safety and hygiene.

Engagement Redefined

Each program visit on the Mission Trip is thoughtfully curated to provide the most engaging, insightful experience of our programs and the opportunity to interact personally with our beneficiaries. This trip is unlike any "regular" trip or vacation to India, as it is designed to immerse the traveler within the social fabric of the country through seamless experiences with people and projects on the ground. That's what brings the "Mission" into this trip. See this short video where our CDO, Kalpana Kanthan, share highlights of our 2024 India Mission Trip to Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Delhi NCR.

2024 India Mission Trip

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