India Revisited

After a hectic week of shopping, packing and devouring any food that I could possibly miss in India, I am now ready. Seven months ago, when I stumbled upon AIF’s Facebook profile during a break from work, little did I know that a few clicks would eventually lead me all the way to India! Sitting in the airport now, excited and anxious to kick-off this next chapter of my life is pretty surreal. For the next ten months, I will be trading my cubicle (and cubicle-sized apartment) in Manhattan for what I hope will be a life changing journey. Although I spent a significant majority of my childhood in India I am really looking forward to this incredible opportunity to see India through a new lens. From a professional perspective, I hope to use the skills I have acquired over the last few years to meaningfully contribute at my host organization (Frontier Markets). If my work eventually plays some small role in improving the lives of those who have been less fortunate that me, I will come home a happy man.

Aditya was born in Hyderabad and spent his childhood living all over India before moving to Canada at the age of thirteen. After high school he hopped south of the border to attend college in the U.S. and has lived there since. Aditya's education and professional experience lie largely in the areas of corporate finance and strategy. Most recently he was an Associate in the New York office of Moelis & Company, a leading investment bank, where he advised clients in the utilities, alternative energy and infrastructure sectors. When not busy with life's more serious pursuits, Aditya can usually be found training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a martial art he is passionate about and enjoys sharing with others. Aditya is excited to return to India as a Clinton fellow next year and is looking forward to learning more about the challenges of social development in the country. He will be working with Frontier Markets, a rural sales and marketing and distribution company based in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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