Introducing Aliza Lailari

In the next ten months, I’m hoping to make a positive and substantial contribution at my host NGO, learn from my colleagues, get to know my way around Hyderabad, and eat lots of tasty food along the way.

Though this isn’t my first time to India, I envision this year will be quite different than my previous experiences. I conducted a small study in India when I was in college, spent last year working in a small city in north Karnataka with an organization that counsels and provides skill development for women, and along the way developed a
love for chai breaks and habit of wobbling my head.

This year, I’m looking forward to living in a large metropolitan city and to visit the many cultural and historical sites in and around Hyderabad. I’m excited to experience the delicious biryiani and (spicy!) Hyderabadi food I’ve heard so much about (and hopefully to tackle a few new recipes myself).

I’m eager to delve into the field of health at Healing Fields and to learn about their work with community health leaders, health education, and health savings programs in the back office as well as in the field. I’m interested to learn about the implementation of their programs across several states and about the ways they’ve tailored their services to the varying cultural contexts and needs on the ground.

I’m excited to be joining such an interesting, fun, and diverse group of Fellows working at fantastic organizations throughout India, and I’m look forward to the next ten months together!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Aliza Lailari

  1. Aliza!

    Anupama’s sister here. I’m applying for AIF and had no idea you’re doing it. Anu mentioned you were in India, but I had no idea it was through here.

    What exactly are you doing?

    Hope you’re doing well! Take care 🙂


  2. Hi Aliza,

    Please contact me – I will be in India this winter and wanted to know if you will be around and if you are interested in coming to Pune for a conference…. Jayanthi

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