Introducing Lorenz Noe

For me personally, 10 month will be the longest I have ever worked on something. Therefore, though my life has always been about long-term thinking and planning, this experience will be unlike any other. I therefore expect to grow a lot personally, both professionally as well as getting into a mindset that thinks of the long-term not only as an abstract construct but as a very real and tangible future. Of course, these ten months may also prove to actually be quite a short period of time in which to accomplish our respective projects, and therefore I expect to grow a lot in how I deal with frustrations and time management, all the while adjusting to living in another country.

Increasingly, my mantra is that there is always something about you that will change. I am certainly not the same person I was four years ago and I anticipate that, in however small a capacity, I will not be the same person 10 months from now. This change is good and can only inform us on our journey to discover who we really are and, for those of us in our twenties, what we want to do with the time given to us.

India especially will act as a great setting for this time of self-reflection and overall learning, as it is the hotbed of so many issues and solutions of our time. I have always been aware of its culture and political dealings from afar, but this experience will put my preconceived notions and ideals to the test.

Throughout this time period then, I expect work to be both fascinating and challenging, as I realize how much I’ve learned over the past few years of my education and, perhaps more importantly, how much I still have to learn both about my specific topic and about myself.

Though you’re only supposed to fear fear itself, a little voice at the back of my head asks “you sure you can do this?” But then again, if I don’t do it, how will I ever get an answer to this question?

In terms of what I will miss, friends and my mother’s food top the list, though I look forward to meeting new people and sampling Delhi’s cuisine. Cannot wait till departure,

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