Introducing Megan Gordon

Anticipation of a life in India for 10 months was somewhat difficult for me based on the facts that I have never been to India and I have never lived abroad for 10 months.  Despite these details, I anticipate a different person to emerge from India than the one I am entering it. Ten months in India are sure to be challenging, exciting, and an experience beyond anything I could ever imagine. I think there will be struggles and times of frustration and sadness, but also those of community, progress, and learning. I think that these ten months will be some of the most formative in my 22 years of life thus far. Already, I feel a sense of community amongst the fellows I have met and am so happy to experience a group of people who are all so globally minded and have such excitement for service.

What I hope to learn from this Fellowship is everything it is ready to teach me. I am prepared to be a sponge, so I am eager to soak up as much knowledge and experience as possible. Learning the work of ARTH and participating in an organization that actively seeks positive change is an extremely exciting prospect for me – the relationships, skills, and knowledge I will gain is overwhelming in the best sense of the word. .  I am also excited to become a more independent traveler in India as I look at photos of previous fellows climbing the Himalayas and white water rafting. This year is going to be so full and the breadth of experiences I will have and the depth of learning seems to be so wide and deep that I could never fully anticipate what it will be. But I think that’s what will make it all the better.

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