Introducing Nikita Arora

Sitting in the lobby of the youth hostel and typing my assignment 9 days post having started my journey of the fellowship already, makes me feel stupid.  Never the less the anticipation and excitement for the coming 10 months remains the same.

In the past few days here, I have met some pretty amazing people! I must say, the anticipation that I have of leaving home and going to a new place must be double in the others from a different country altogether. For me, the thing that makes this fellowship so exciting is really anticipating the experience that I will have by the end of 10 months.

When I think about moving to a place like Jharkhand for the next 10 months, I experience mixed emotions. Going  to a place that I have never  visited  and having heard  some pretty horrid stories of naxalism from makes me slightly nervous to be frank but that’s what excites me too. This transition from living a well comforted life at home with my parents to living all by myself and travelling to some of the poorest districts in India just takes me to another level of excitement .But As much as I look forward to it, I realize that that would also mean missing my family and friends like crazy, ,moving away from  familiar surroundings and basically pushing myself to come out of my little comfort zone!

I hope that by the time the fellowship gets over, I have learned-served-led …in its true sense!


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