Life in India: An Instagram Photo Blog

As I have been living in Delhi, India over the past 10 months as a William J. Clinton fellow, I thought it would be worthwhile to share some highlights!

Just another typical day riding my favorite form of transportation; the auto rickshaw.

My roommate and Clinton fellow Zain with “Didi,” our neighborly shopkeeper who always has Indian snacks, soft drinks, ice cream, parathas, chai, and fresh gossip.

One of the many things I love about Delhi: street stalls.

My roommate Yu is an amazing cook. Here she is showing off her best creation yet: homemade Eggs Benedict. Yummmmmmmmm

Roommate and Clinton fellow Ana and I celebrating Holi together in mid-March, a festival of colors here in India.

A breath-taking hotel in Agra.

Visiting the Taj Mahal

Downtown Jaipur… incredible city.

A boat ride on the Ganges River at 6 AM, Varanasi.

Special fellows trip to Ashram Paryavaran Vidyalaya School in Uttarakhand. Here were are at sunrise after an hour of meditation.

Me at work, doing what I usually do.

Enjoying the plethora of Indian snacks here in Delhi- this one is Rajori Chaat.

Delhi is a fabulous city with many interesting pockets. This particular area is Hauz Khas Village, a fun place full of shopping, restaurants, and night life.

Group picture of the William J. Clinton fellows in Delhi 2013-2014- all fellows, all friends, all roommates (at one point or another), all family.


Brittany has spent the past five years exploring economic development and social enterprise abroad, and is excited to continue her journey as a William J. Clinton fellow in India. As a recently returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Brittany spent the last two years teaching entrepreneurship and consulting on a number of small businesses in Paraguay. As Project Manager of Joívenes Empresarios del Paraguay, she also led the first national business plan competition, as well as a following national business case competition, raising over $10,000 for both projects and acquiring national partnerships to continue the program into the future.

As an undergraduate at Global College of Long Island University, Brittany worked with a number of micro-finance initiatives, including Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Fundacioín Paraguaya (a micro-finance NGO) in Paraguay, and as President of an online start-up, Brittany additionally worked with Acumen in New York while writing her undergraduate thesis on social entrepreneurship. After graduating in 2010, Brittany worked at Faulu Kenya (a micro-finance institution in Nairobi) as a Kiva fellow, and attended the StartingBloc institute.

Brittany has previously spent 6 months in India studying and traveling, and she is excited to return as a William J. Clinton fellow. She plans to get an MBA in the future and continue working in international business.

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