Moving Forward with Chatpati Chat!

We have seen great success in the first month of Chatpati Chat’s pilot period. The system has averaged around 70 unique calls a day. This is a very high average for such a project. Not only this—the average caller spend around 250 seconds on each call. According to Neil Patel of Awaaz.De, Breakthrough’s platform developer, this is much higher than the average 60 seconds spent on previous pilot platforms launched.

As a refresher, Breakthrough’s Rights Advocates, local volunteer activists in the greater Lucknow area, use Chatpati Chat to connect, exchange information and share stories. Rights Advocates can receive expert advice on key issues via Chatpati Chat. There are over 500 RAs in the greater Lucknow community. Prior to the launch of our Chatpati Chat mobile system, these 500 individuals did not have an effective means of communicating with their entire RA network. We designed the mobile reporting platform to fill this specific need. RAs can now instantly communicate and receive messages to the entire network from anywhere where they have mobile phone reception. This feature is critical for a group without consistent or habitual Internet access. We predict this tool with greatly strengthen their efficacy on the ground and help build the RA community in Lucknow.

At our month mark we are currently looking  at how to:

  • Fortify Breakthrough content broadcast on the system
  • Increase productive user participation
  • Strengthen platform discussion through our role as moderators
  • Develop innovative strategies for engaging our audience
  • Engineer an articulate MIS system for tracking our progress
  • Outline future trainings in Lucknow for new RAs

Further updates soon.

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