My life is meaningless, just like my NAME

So, you can call me what you like

As I was not born with a Name

This STREET is my Shell

Where I can sing, laugh, aloud

This STREET is my Space

Where I can roam, wander, around

And this STREET is my one and only self

As it doesn’t give me what I want-

Is a Friend

When they pull down their Window

To call me a Dirty Crow

My Bro’s calm me like a Champ

And the Girls treat me like a Bro

But, I know for sure that

I’m just a Rag

And a moment of Gag

For the people of Class

I am stunted but, I have my Style

My body is Dark with the burns of Fag

I use my shirt to wipe off dirt

And I wear half pants to wash your Car

Some give me penny


Some give me money

But, I get lucky when they give pain to my Belly


They say it’s for Men and I need to grow

But who has the time, so I

Steal my Show

It isn’t Salt, It isn’t Sugar

But it looks so white

And it taste so bitter

It is so weary, but it gives me no worry

As it makes way to the dreams of Fairy

My story is magical

And it has its tragic end

When I see children of my age

Waving me good-bye for my End

I wish I could break my shell

And enter a whole new world

May be not in this life

Which is ending on its own

But bless me God with something


As I want a life where I can rule

And Name myself with a meaning

Full of Hope!

Through her work, Arunima has discovered the stark reality of the state of education system in government schools in rural areas. Her field work, survey, research and study about the education system has made her more inclined and motivated to work towards this cause.

Previously, Arunima designed and drafted a 'Training of Trainers' (ToT) Manual for a rural School Management Committee, in which she compiled different learning materials for the role of community and trainer's in ensuring access to quality education. Her future plans are to study further and research on the primary education system in India, so that she can contribute to provide a platform for those millions of children who are not going to school. Her interest is towards creativity, designing activities, reading, research and documentation.

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