My Sunday…

Hey what do you do on Sunday? This is the most prominent question I have come across till now during my fellowship life. Everyone and literally, I mean everyone has asked this question once or more and I answered them by saying, “nahin kuch khaas nahin” (no nothing special).  Well no wonder, the question is obvious, as I am alone here and I don’t have other entertainment medium to get entertain. So the curiosity about my Sunday’s schedule comes naturally.

When I seriously gave a thought to this question I was amazed by the fact that I spend more hours on working (more than at my office) on a particular Sunday. Sunday is one of the most precious gift one can get after continuous 6 days of working and being no exception I always remain desperate for my Sunday.

The countdown starts from the very first day of week i.e. Monday but the desperation reaches to its full from Friday evening. Saturday becomes the longest day and finally by the end of the day it seems that I have got the biggest happiness in my life

 “yppiiee, tomorrow is Sunday”.

Every Saturday night after jumping on to my cosy-comfy ground bed I promised myself to get up as late as possible in the next morning and goes to a sound sleep. But for the holy-smoke, “what is wrong with my sleep”, it just gets vanished on a Sunday morning as early as 5 or 6 in the morning.

“Ok don’t make a fuss about it and enjoy the day off rather than being unconscious for the rest of the day”…. 😉

So day starts with a hot tea or coffee and my newspaper and I glued up in the same position for at least one and a half hour just switching over the pages. Later on breakfast is the main priority and it usually comprises of breads, eggs and milk. After that here comes the heap of dirty clothes which I always prefer to tackle on my own. By the time I finish my fight with my clothes it has already been a half Sunday crossed.


“uff next what??? Assembling my room that has become a war zone during the entire week”.

Let me tell you that we Indians don’t like any alterations in our food cycle. So doesn’t matter how tired I am or how busy is my schedule. I have to have plan and prepare my lunch. Lunch usually comprises of Rice, daal, chicken or sometimes (most of the times) veg-pulao. Lunch ends late in the afternoon at around 4 pm and by this time I already get drained out. Now there is just 2 hours of rest (which in fact get passed in next day planning) after which dinner journey begins.

The most annoying fact about the dinner preparations is to go out and play a quiz round at the local sabzi vendor. Here how it goes:

Gobi (cauliflower or cabbage): “NO WAY, having the same for past 3 nights”.

Palak (Spinach) or any green leafy veggies: “Ahh!! Whole lot of mess to cook”.

Baingan (brinjals): “hate baingans”

Matar(peas): “OPPSS!!! Rs 60/kg,, out of budget”.

And it goes on and on….until I get a glimpse of my fav eggs. Way too easy and time consuming to cook.

“Happy Dinner Bipin. Lets jump on to the bed. Tomorrow is the field visit at 8 am gotta get up early”.

So here is my Sunday which I spent working throughout the day.

So I hope I have answered the question that what I do on Sunday…. 🙂

After completing his Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, Bipin practiced as an Occupational Therapist for two years. During his Masters program on Public Health in the UK, Bipin did an empirical research on Substance use among students in India. Beside the academic and professional career, Bipin is very keen to serve those communities that are still out of reach of basic health care facilities. Bipin is always passionate about exploring new places, food and culture.

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