Preparing India’s future


What the sector needs

With one out of every 5 children in the world from India, it is important their learning challenges be addressed through resilient program design and execution, working closely with local government and communities.


Providing quality education is a fundamental social initiative and is key to realizing employment opportunities, eradicating poverty, addressing health issues and gender inequality.


To help implement Government of India’s New Education Policy that has laid down the framework to address ‘learning poverty’ and the rise in dropout rates which is impacting girls more than boys.


With approximately 82 weeks of closure, the pandemic has exacerbated the existing inequities impacting India’s 242 million children in 1.5 million schools.

What we do

AIF works to ensure that children get equal opportunity and access to quality education with improved learning outcomes. The educational programs provide grade-appropriate learning, skills, technical dexterity, and information through:

  • Building digital capabilities
  • STEM adaptation techniques
  • Learning enrichment programs addressing learning losses
  • Fostering mental health and readiness in children

AIF achieves these objectives through two flagship programs:

  • Learning and Migration Program (LAMP) which addresses learning loss and access to quality education for children at risk of seasonal distress migration
  • Digital Equalizer (DE) which is designed to bridge the digital divide for students



The Learning and Migration Program (LAMP), addresses the complex issues faced by children at-risk of migration, providing them with the education, resources, care, and support they need to break the cycle of poverty. LAMP ensures that children from migrant families stay in school and acquire strong fundamental skills. Over the last 18 years, LAMP has empowered 940,566 children across 3,269 villages in 17 States and Union Territories across India.

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Digital Equalizer

The Digital Equalizer program facilitates equitable access to quality education for learners from government schools across 28 states and 7 union territories of India by equipping them with computer centers, and educational laboratories. The program also empowers students, especially young girls, with an agency to choose an education and career in STEM while training educators in basic computer literacy, internet research, and pedagogy.

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LAMP Reach and Impact

  • 940,566 children impacted by quality education opportunities
  • 3,269 villages impacted
  • 17 states and UTs covered
  • 1.8X improvement in science
  • 1.7X improvement in maths
  • 1.8X improvement in social science

Digital Equalizer Reach and Impact

  • 5,420,571 children empowered with interactive STEM experiences
  • 182,025 teachers trained in STEM and technology focused pedagogy
  • 24,471 schools transformed through innovative teaching learning practices
  • 35 states and UTs covered
  • 1.6X improvement in science
  • 2X improvement in maths
  • 2.6X improvement in language

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