Bridging the Educational and Digital Divide

700,000 Public schools lack technology

With 60% of India’s one million public schools lacking basic computing technology, the country is facing significant challenges to prepare its youth for success in the 21st century global economy. Poor school infrastructure, high teacher absenteeism, a large volume of teacher vacancies, and persistently low levels of learning and achievement all contribute to a staggering dropout rate that sees nearly 50% of young people abandoning their education at the key transitional ages of secondary school.

The Digital Equalizer begins by equipping each school with a computer center, providing an educational laboratory to enhance student learning that reaches approximately 400 students per site. Targeting secondary students in grades 6-10, the program primarily trains educators in basic computer literacy, internet research and pedagogical methodologies that together bring creativity, diversity, and real-life examples into school curriculum through the use of technology. The Digital Equalizer curriculum ensures that teachers and students are equipped with practical digital literacy skills that enhance both their classroom and out-of-school learning.

“There are no longer any limits to what my students can achieve.”
— Chandra Malkan, Teacher, Shri ND Bhuta High School, Mumbai

Digital Equalizer schools demonstrate improved learning outcomes in subject learning alongside a marked increase in the utilization of technology for teachers and students alike. The impact of Digital Equalizer extends well beyond the classroom: by inspiring students to take charge of their education, parents and communities increasingly support keeping their children in school. To fulfill these objectives, AIF partners with state governments to scale and sustain the work for the long-term by supporting a Digital Equalizer school for three years and building the knowledge, skills, and capacity to instill a culture of learning and discovery through technology in schools across India.

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