People around me

Many of my friends from India have told me that they feel lonely when they travel abroad. Not because of social or cultural differences, but because that they missing seeing people. Lots of people. And now that I’ve live here for three months, it’s hard remembering the last time I saw an empty street, even with Bangalore’s early curfew. Here’s a glimpse of the people around me.


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James is thrilled to dive into the intersection of social innovation, technology and India through the Fellowship. James' interest in social entrepreneurship began as a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where he learned about the opportunities to use business principles and market forces to create positive social impact in the world. At Penn, James worked at New Sector Alliance, a non- profit consultancy, and received the Wharton International Research Experience grant to conduct research on government policy and its impact on social enterprises. He also helped create the Wharton School's secondary concentration on Social Impact and Responsibility. After graduating, James joined Google, where he worked on launching new Chromebooks and on campaigns to help small businesses use the web to grow their business. For the Fellowship, James will be working at, a startup focused on bringing better job opportunities to the informal job sector. In his free time, James enjoys photography, optimizing things, and eating Chipotle.

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