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I cannot precisely describe the thrill of returning to India. It is an amazing and wonderful joy, one I find difficult to properly relay to others. I can’t wait to step off the plane into the chaos of urban India’s city streets, to see friends and to continue exploring a country so geographically distant from my own that everyday seems an adventure.

In this upcoming year I hope to continue to grow in mind and spirit with even greater vigor. India has thus far been an incredible journey in service and learning. I have been humbled, welcomed into homes as a family member, given the gift of fantastic friendship and felt the heavy raindrops of the monsoon. Not only have I been given these wonderful things, but also the opportunity to return to this path.

Today, as I look forward to the journey (I have been home for five weeks now), one thing crosses my mind again and again, as it has the habit of doing from time to time. My grandmother, an old and wonderful Macedonian woman, once posed this question to me: ‘What will you do with one wild and precious life?’ I was twelve or so at the time and of course had no idea it was a Mary Oliver quote. I am sure I stared at her blank faced and without resolve. But I have carried that question with me in the back of my mind and in my palm throughout my life. And—on the eve of returning to India—it comes back to me. ‘What will you do with one wild and precious life?

This. This is a great thing to do with one wild and precious life. It is a unique gift and a joy to do this.

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