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Hi All,

Hope everyone is settled and doing well. I have been reading a lot about all of you through your postings on fb and blog. Lot of interesting stories indeed. Just wondering if we could share about our organisations and project we would be working on.

Here is mine: –
Name of the Organisation: Pudiyador Charitable Trust
Location: – Chennai
Work: – Pudiyador was founded by Prof. Narayan about 10-11 years ago, and aimed at providing homework support program to the underprivileged children. There are 4 learning centers in Chennai that Pudiyador is running. The condition in schools is not as good as it seems, I have heard that children are being tortured and punished everyday for not doing their home work, the problem is that the parents of these kids are working and the moment they reach home, there is no one to support them nor to show any concern about their education, it is not because their parents don’t want it, it is because,majority of the parents are educated enough moreover, in order to run family, they have to work for 10-12 hours a day. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for them to pay attention to their children’s education or to visit schools for that sake. This is the major reason of Pudiyador’s existence.

The very first day of my arrival, these kids thrilled me by their dance and sports performances. I could see the spark of learning and enthusiasm of doing something credible to their community. Apart from this homework support program, we run Kathak Dance Class, Yoga Class, Music Class, Art and Creativity Class, Sports Class and many more interactive activities.

The best part of all the centers is that all are technically well equipped and run many training sessions for children and teachers on Skype where lot of volunteers and trainers from across Chennai and India take sessions with them. So, here is my advice to all my fellow friends, if you are interested in taking any of such class or session, please do contact me, I can facilitate it in any of the centers or in all the centers without interrupting your schedules, I m sure, it will be a great learning experience.
My Project: – I have following projects
1. Impact Assessment Program (Major Project)
2. Partnership Development (Secondary Project)
3. HR Assistant in policy making (Parallel Project)
4. Develop Interactive City Culture Based Learning Program (Parallel Project)

Note: – I would encourage and appreciate your ideas and inputs regarding these projects. Most of us are well experienced and have profound knowledge about different developmental issues and I am sure your experience might be of great help to me and anyone of us on the fellowship program.
Pudiyador is already partnered with Magic Bus, where Magic Bus has provided us with one volunteer who takes sports class, if your organisations have similar programs mentioned above, please let me know, I would like to go through and see if we can develop a good and sound partnership.

Love for All


Mohd. Asif has been actively involved in social and cultural development programs since his school days. Asif started organizing programs on cultural and heritage awareness with ITIHAAS, a delhi based NGO works with school children in 2004. In his sophomore year, Asif got the opportunity to work with Aga Khan Trust For Culture where he worked as a Research Associate and gained experience in researching cultural development through historical studies. As part of his work, Asif also mobilized young people across the communities to learn about the value of their heritage and culture by making it source of livelihood for them. His experience at the Aga Khan Trust shaped Asif's thought process and led him towards social entrepreneurship. Asif has also attempted to start his own educational venture, and has worked with as a Program Researcher with EdTerra Eventures, an educational travel company. Asif is enrolled in an online MBA program at SMU.

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