Sitting with the Sunrise.

A short poem as I reflect about my relationship with universal themes, like the sunrise, after being in Andhra Pradesh for six months.

Sitting with the Sunrise

Sitting with the sunrise.
Sitting with the sunrise.
As purple hugs the rose-coloured hues, I am sitting with the sunrise.

The crispest of air flows across my arm hairs, sweeping the top of my feet. So solitary yet intimate, I am sitting with the sunrise.

In the background are old movie songs with the rhythm of old men spitting their morning dew like saliva. So offbeat, yet compelling, I am sitting with the sunrise.

You appear with the rooster’s koo and are  accompanied by the ting-a-ling-ling of a laury’s horn. So harsh yet loving, I am sitting with the sunrise.

Your fluorescent orange drags its feet across the shades of warm colors. So hesitant you are to join me in my endeavor.

You have promised me your love, your support and your guidance. I have already told my loved ones that I am sitting with the sunrise.

Do not disappoint me, because my life has been full of this of late. Do not leave me lonely, because I have already called it a date.

You have come out in all your glory and it is difficult to look at you. Your rays are so potent, I am no longer staring at your hue.

 Our beautiful friendship lasted but for ten genuine moments. And now,  I feel as though my heart is on loan.

Some may call this silly to befriend such a fleeting thing. They may say that your qualifications are not suitable, that you do not earn a living.

But I tell them that you give; give abundantly to us. I tell them that you light the world with all of your love.

What more can I ask for? What more do I desire? You deep rays are called sunshine, which I so sincerely admire.

In all of this chaos, in all this deceit, in all of this misunderstanding that seems to follow me. You are so consistent; you are so vividly divine. Reminding me of my origin, of God’s intricate design.

But then I begin to realize that you are a reflection of this land, your beauty is only apparent to me juxtaposed with its warm breeze and red sand.

You are a collection of the souls I meet, the eyes that I have stared into. You are a bundle of all the discussions over chai, that make life seem so simple.

You reflect the intensity of love that fills people’s homes, the multiple religions that this place owns.

I am ready for commitment, of whatever type you may desire. I am ready to say I love you, if you teach me what that describes.

I look up to see your reaction, to the proposal I have put forth, but your heat is now so intense that you are no longer what I am looking for.

The vegetable-selling aunty warned me of your type, the young woman on the metro bus told me to be wary of your subtle might.

But my purpose is so clear now. Of my next direction I am sure. The spirit that you have lit in me, its feeling is so pure.

Today I sat with the sunrise to get closer to my Source. Although it was a fleeting union, I have no remorse.

Now need some music? Jason Mraz – I won’t give up (click here)
Love, Ramya

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