Notes on Needfinding: Co-Creating the Future

After interviewing over 70 farmers with my team, I thought I would do a quick […]


Community Building during Diwali: Hospitality and Kindness in South India

When I originally decided that I would both live and work on-site at my host […]


Adjusting to Service-Oriented Environments and Domestic Workers

At Orientation, we met with a former AIF Clinton Fellow who offered us advice on […]


Journey with In(dia) Poetry

Over the past ten months, I’ve written several poems around my work and experiences in […]


The Power of Educating Women: MANSI’s Sahiyas

It’s not news that by educating girls we can uplift an entire country and, one […]


School Libraries as Dynamic Learning Spaces

Jamsheena’s Fellowship is made possible by the Rural India Supporting Trust.  “Without libraries what do […]


Organizing the International Rural Development Immersion Camp 2018

I had never imagined that a small idea can turn into a concept and that […]


 Bhavnagar Banter: Stories from Living in a Tier 3 City

As we drove into Bhavnagar, through the expanse of salt pans and fields of wheat, […]


My Journey to Explore Gypsy Culture in Tamil Nadu

Jamsheena’s Fellowship is made possible by the Rural India Supporting Trust.  It was a sunny […]


Understanding community-level medical device implementation

One of the products BEMPU has recently developed is a smart cradle, called CareCradle, that […]

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