Dancing to the Beat of Their Own Drum

One of the aspects of my work at Prajwala Sangham is to join the team […]


The Parallels of Caste in the United States and India: Book Review

In our final ‘19-‘20 Fellowship publication, “Intersectionalities in Development Practice: Approaches and Anecdotes,” Alumnus Benson […]


No Longer Silenced: A Voice Found Through Education

Rising from the horizon to nudge a deep slumber caressed by the cool night breeze, […]


The Scavenger Worker and Me: A Story of Lost and Found, Part 1 – First Contact

PONDICHERRY (8 DECEMBER 2018) My phone vibrates with an incoming message. It’s just past 7:30 […]


The Thinking Shoes

I spent the last twenty minutes mesmerized by the meticulous hands of Krishnadas, a cobbler, […]

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