The Marvels of Mistakes

Discovering Common Ground In March, I got an opportunity to visit two organizations, the YP […]


Stories of Service Day 2

Each year a cohort of fellows embark on a 10-month journey to serve communities on […]


Child Labor and Occupational Disabilities

Thinking about disability and health outcomes among child laborers really hit me when I started […]


The Year That Was: Learning about Life Skills

“Isn’t everything we learn in life, a life skill?” questioned my best friend as I […]


Child Participatory Methods: A New Standard for the HBR Approach

In 1992, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) was ratified […]


A Helpline in Aid of Children

Every month, I sit with the CHILDLINE helpline team at my host organisation, Shaishav, to […]


Children Leading Change: Notes from the Field

“I would like to ask them a question”, said a boy standing up from a […]


When Women Fight Back

  Violence is not for me. Scenes of real-life fighting and bloodshed make me uncomfortably […]


Regarding Temple Elephants and Child Rights

    “There’s an elephant blessing people on the other side of the street.” I […]

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