Drylands are No Dry Topic: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities in North Gujarat Drylands

This blog is co-authored by AIF Banyan Impact Senior Fellow Dilip Surkar. The importance of […]


The Plastic Problem: Spherical Economy for the win!

Background As we confront the challenges of a linear or even a circular economy that […]


Lost in the Maze: Rethinking Economy and Ecology

For the last five-plus months of my fellowship, I found myself adrift in a sea […]


Embarking on a Journey of Learning and Growth in Auroville

Discovering My Purpose Growing up in the embrace of Kerala, my aspirations extend far beyond […]


Fighting for the Road Non-Taken in the Midst of Diwali

Almost two months have passed since I landed in India. The surreal culmination of a […]


Creating a Dump-Free India: one start-up’s model for cleaner cities

Ecowrap is an IOT (Internet of Things) and SaaS-based (Software-as-a-Service) one-stop solution for waste segregation, […]


Organizing Events and Experiencing Jagori

As I look back at my 9-month fellowship experience with the SAFAL (Sustainable Agriculture, Forest, […]


Are carbon credits the correct answer to climate change?

The situation we are in Climate Change and the global rising temperature is a dire […]


Interview with Steffi John, MCBT Education Officer

For many people, working with animals all day is a dream job. Only a few […]


Notes on Needfinding: Co-Creating the Future

After interviewing over 70 farmers with my team, I thought I would do a quick […]

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