The Sweeter Side of Life: Jaggery Production in Tamil Nadu

Serving in South India, I was warned constantly about the relentless summer heat. Because my […]


Moving Backwards? A Ride on the Noida Metro

Getting to the Noida-Greater Noida Metro wasn’t easy. From Central Delhi, I had to transfer […]


Savings Seeds, Saving the Planet

As an unabashed garden enthusiast, I am extremely passionate about topics that are not exactly […]


“Kabad se Jugad” Creating the Best out of Waste: Children Innovating on Waste Management

Ananya’s Fellowship is made possible by the Rural India Supporting Trust.  “Miss, can we do […]


Coco Compost: Ladakh’s Eco Toilets

Ka-ru la cha-at, nono le? “Where are you going, little brother?” Coco thangches la cha-at […]


The Case for Mulch: Growing in Understanding New Perspectives

Mulch. It’s probably not the most exciting topic of conversation, and most people don’t spend […]


Learning from the Golden Triangle: Rethinking Tourism

A conscientiously designed tourism program can benefit both tourists and communities while leaving a light […]


Feet on Fire: My Life in the Garden

Out of all the surprises that have come with my first month of service in […]


Dry Pipelines: How Water Shortage Affects Rural Madhya Pradesh

Scarcity is an inescapable reality of our planet. There are finite resources for the use […]


Lessons in Chulichan on Consumption: Part 1

As you travel out of Leh town, the first things you start to recognize are […]

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