What I learnt, when I taught: Lessons from my first ever teaching experience

Every year after the academic year ends, Yuwa School organizes a four-week-long summer school. The […]


The Merasi School: A School in the Midst of Inequality

A school is a place where character is shaped, and a school is a place […]


Q&A with Ismael Byers, AIF Clinton Fellow 2019-20

Hands down, the best part of the AIF Clinton Fellowship for me has been the […]


Retropective: Looking Back on my Fellowship Journey

When I stepped off the plane in India, I came with a wide range of […]


Hosting a fellow? How to make it an enriching experience.

A pivot of the AIF Fellowship experience is the interaction and exchange between the Host […]


Culture shock

Photo from Priyanjana Ghosh As you’ve heard, we recently had our midpoint conference. It was […]

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