A Primary Perspective on Preserving Traditional Knowledge as key to Sustainable Agriculture

Introduction: In the age of technological advancement, the agricultural landscape has undergone a profound transformation […]


Rethinking ‘Fieldwork’ in Times of Pandemic

In the extraordinary predicament imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers from across the globe had […]


The Expedition of Myth and Narratives in South Asia

Growing up, epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana played a significant role in our preadolescent […]


Desi Wool: Harmony between Man and Sheep

Is it possible for you to imagine your life without wool? Today, wool has become […]


How Can Non-Profit Organisations Work Better With Less: Sustainable Development in the Post-COVID Era

A large population’s experience alters based on how a few around the world treat nature. […]


An Exposure Visit to the Ocean of Songs and Dance

“Today, we are going through a critical period of time. We are a nation with […]


Shades of Summer at the Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh

“Have you ever burnt your hand on a mango?” Although it was meant to be […]


Leaves from a Rural Library

Few writings about libraries would start with a monkey. A monkey bounding through a library […]

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