Tiny Love Stories: AIF Edition

This blog is co-authored by Jahnavi Zondervan, Vineet Prakash, Sydney Garvis, Santanu Bhowmick, Divyanshi Gupta, […]


Right Out of College, Right into the Field: Month 1

June 2022: I graduated college and completed a three-year degree in economics. In these three […]


My Fellowship Journey: A Road to Discover a New Self

The American English Dictionary  (1) defines self-discovery as follows: “becoming aware of one’s true potential, character, […]


My Introduction to the AIF Clinton Fellowship

Relentless dreaming to me means persevering in this dream of mine. It is clear that […]


Retropective: Looking Back on my Fellowship Journey

When I stepped off the plane in India, I came with a wide range of […]


JY Day 2: Personal Journeys

What makes up a person’s life story – her or his self-construction?  It varies from […]

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