Desi Wool: Harmony between Man and Sheep

Is it possible for you to imagine your life without wool? Today, wool has become […]


Why Is There an Urgent Need for a New Textile Economy? (Part 2)

Coming from a typical Indian household, my family practised upcycling way before we knew the […]


How Can Non-Profit Organisations Work Better With Less: Sustainable Development in the Post-COVID Era

A large population’s experience alters based on how a few around the world treat nature. […]


Why Is There an Urgent Need for a New Textile Economy? (Part 1)

How many of us have clothes in our wardrobe that we haven’t ever worn? That […]


“Living Lightly” in Ahmedabad, a Celebration of Preserving Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage

I arrived at my fellowship post at Khamir, just outside Bhuj, Gujarat, in Kacchh district, […]


Of Boars and Babies (Part 2)

The Midpoint conference was quite eventful, if you couldn’t tell already. Midpoint was followed by […]


  My time in India has come to an end. It has been a wonderful […]


What the future holds

The past few weeks have included a healthy dose of self reflection, especially as people […]


What’s in a bell?

On a recent field visit, I went to a town called Jura, where a large […]


Teamwork at its best

Working in a project management capacity with very exact, tangible results has several benefits, as […]

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