Navigating COVID-19: How AIF Alumni Are Adapting to the Crisis (Part II)

In March 2020, COVID-19 disrupted daily life and impacted millions of people across the world. […]


AIF Instagram Live Series: Our Community Rising to the Challenges of COVID-19

In March of 2020, AIF—along with countless other organizations, businesses, and people—was dramatically affected by […]


Who is Worried About Periods During a Pandemic

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, there has been a lot to worry about. Governments, […]


At War with the Unseen: COVID-19 and Its Effects (Part 2)

I looked outside my balcony at 4 am, I visioned a giant Corona monster in […]


Part II of Navigating COVID-19: How AIF Alumni Are Adapting to the Crisis?

The Navigating COVID-19 Webinar Series began in May 2019 during the height of the pandemic lockdown […]


Conversation on Snakes and the Myths that Surround Them

This was written in partnership with AIF Clinton Fellow Naomi Tsai. Loren: As one might […]


NATIONAL SAFE MOTHERHOOD DAY: Tips to Ensure a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

In India, National Safe Motherhood Day is observed on 11th April every year. India’s MMR […]


Systemic Change or Baby (Puppy) Steps

A few weeks ago, a small puppy curled up on the steps in front of […]


Fellowship in the Time of Coronavirus

Despite the Worth Health Organization declaring a “public health emergency of international concern” over the […]


Bringing the Period to the Workplace

Chums. Time of the Month. Visit from Aunt Flo. Stomach pain. Code Red. Red Wedding […]

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