JOHAR to all of you!


A Story From Kumbh

My propensity towards schizophrenia is positively correlated to how much time I spend waiting on […]


What Do Loan-Sharking Self-Help Groups Mean for Rural Development?

I was asked to contribute to an evaluation assessing the impacts of a recent livelihoods […]


When I drive…

When I drive……………………. Riding the motorcycle was difficult for me; it still gets difficult when […]


Ranchi’s Coalmen

  Recently, on a particularly cold night in Ranchi, I was walking down the highway […]


Ode to the Newspaper

  One of my favorite questions to come up in conversation is “what’s the one […]


The Fellowship

The trajectory of my life never had a definite path. The fellowship occurred to me […]


Of red balloons and Capricorn shopkeepers

I’m not sure if ‘expect the unexpected’ is ever good advice.  It’s the same as […]


Personal Inquiry Brief

Super nervous, yet excited, although scared, but actually thrilled – I feel all things, at […]

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