The Women in Hiding: Are Neurodivergent Women Being Overlooked By The System?

For years now, scientists and researchers have noticed a strange phenomenon: a higher number of […]


The Genetics of Inequality: Can Our Environments Biologically Shape Our Opportunities?

Puducherry, the quaint union territory nestled on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, is […]


Summary of My Research Presentation at International Conferences (PPT Deck Included)

As part of my “11th month of service” made possible by AIF and the Rural […]


Demystifying Academic Research: My First Time

Academic research is very intimidating for someone on the outside. Speaking as that someone, academia […]


The Parallels of Caste in the United States and India: Book Review

In our final ‘19-‘20 Fellowship publication, “Intersectionalities in Development Practice: Approaches and Anecdotes,” Alumnus Benson […]


Part II of Navigating COVID-19: How AIF Alumni Are Adapting to the Crisis?

The Navigating COVID-19 Webinar Series began in May 2019 during the height of the pandemic lockdown […]


Thinking about the Future by Looking at the Past: Travels to South Gujarat

At the start of this Fellowship year, I hardly anticipated that I would be speaking […]


Approaching a Research Question

The very idea of “research” may raise cringed eyebrows from many. What may come to […]


In Theory, In Practice: Part II

In a previous post, I discussed the similarities differences in mindsets in academia and the social […]


Haplessly Embedded

For me, monitoring & evaluation is a push and pull between being social—getting to know […]

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