My First Diwali: A Trip to Pune and Mahabaleshwar

When I first came to India, I’d only heard of Diwali in passing. I had […]


My Trips Around India

During my Fellowship year, I had the flexibility of working remotely for some duration which […]


Walking the fields at Jagori

Walking from one courtyard to another, to be welcomed by women who refuse to express […]



After having the privilege of seeing more than half the country through the Jagriti Yatra […]



…Autowallahs in Chennai are well known for their arrogance and general practice of drastically over charging. They never use the meter and most people who live in Chennai simply stopped requesting meter usage or expecting a fair rate. It is customary to simply haggle for a rate that is close to being reasonable. This particular autowallah wanted to charge me Rs100 for a Rs50 ride. Therefore, the negotiations began…

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