A Few Months of India

Life has been incredibly busy over the last few months and I just wanted to […]


Floodgates Open at the Shrinathji Temple

As an auntie jabbed her elbow deeper and deeper into the small of my back […]


Safe provision saving lives

Many things amaze me in India – there is plenty to shock and awe on […]


If it is to be perfection or nothing…

One would think that in the country of a billion-plus, it would be impossible to […]


A Better Piece of Meat

As I sat down to write this posting, it was difficult for me to counteract […]


Healthcare options in Udaipur

Welcome back for another month, casual reader. As many of you know or can imagine, […]


Grinding Away

Before continuing, I’ll make a quick apology for the admittedly unfunny pun in the title […]


Settling and unsettling in Rajasthan (as the lights come on)

I sit with one hour before I officially* begin my Divali holidays. For all of […]


No Need for Tension!

As my first month working with Seva Mandir in Udaipur draws to a close, it’s […]


Fieldwork begins!: The Ramaj Watershed

Hello everybody, After my trying but inevitable baptism into Indian bureaucracy and daily business, I […]

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