Voices Unheard: Amplifying the Experiences of Women with Disabilities in India

In February, I co-authored a book titled “Invisible to Visible: Women Entrepreneurs with Disability, Stories […]


What’s in a Language? (Part I)

After spending weeks preparing for it, the first focus group discussion (FGD) I conducted did […]


Women with Disabilities and Menstrual Hygiene: An Ethical Evaluation

As an undergraduate studying Economics and Philosophy, I was most fascinated by the intersection of […]


Who is Worried About Periods During a Pandemic

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, there has been a lot to worry about. Governments, […]


Economic Empowerment: Enhancing Autonomy of Persons with Disability

Rachel’s Fellowship is made possible by the Rural India Supporting Trust.   According to World Bank […]


Self-Defense Project Gives Them a Fighting Chance

“Until I started training a few weeks ago, I never imagined self-defense was remotely possible […]

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