The Cultural Legacy of a Social Evil: Dowry

Dowry (Dahej pratha) in India has very complex and complicated history. It didn’t used to […]


Finding Community in Healthcare Activism

I am lying on my bed with my eyes open, trying to push myself out […]


Feminism in India: Part 2

Feminism… I have always thought it was a catch-all phrase for everything about a woman’s […]


Women’s Empowerment: Building a Bridge

There were 12 of us. All young women. We had stuffed ourselves into an already […]


Women and the Environment

For the AIF Midpoint Thematic Conference, my co-fellows and I visited Jagori Grameen in Himachal […]


Feminism in India: Part 1

The last time I visited India was in December 2012 during my college winter break. […]


Learning by Laughter

“Didi, ye kaisa hoyega? Ye humare se nahi hoga.” Didi, how will this happen, we […]


She got her life back!

Mujeebu’s Fellowship is made possible by the Rural India Supporting Trust. Mangali [name changed], 12, […]


Body Image: More than A Mirror

Co-fellow Akiera Gilbert’s reflection about the role of boys in Indian society spurred my thinking […]


Jagori Grameen: Feminist Approaches to Community Impact

Many thanks to AIF Fellows Michael Kinzer, Drew Kerr, Lina Khan, Asra Yousuf, Deepika Thakur, […]

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