The AIF-APV Connection

(Charlie and I at the SBMA office–NGO affiliated with APV School–in Dehradun)

The past 3 months at APV School have included visits from 3 AIF Clinton Fellow alums (and 1 current Fellow).  Two of the three fellows, Chad and Charlie, had their placement at APV. The third, Brian Heilman, was placed at a rural school in W. Bengal.  This past week Joey and his sister, Caroline, graced the APV campus.  All of these visits by past and current fellows have been a significant support to my work.  The insights that were shared have been helpful in putting my experience in perspective and appreciating the uniqueness of APV School in its long-term connection to AIF.  APV has received fellows every year (except one) since 2003. The majority of those fellows continue to maintain a close relationship with APV and provide support in many ways.  Several fellows (including myself) hope to one day start similar schools/communities based on the APV model. While APV School has not yet “scaled” (to use the development lingo), it has certainly inspired all those who have had the privilege to visit and work.  It has proven that another type of education is possible.  An education that is founded on mindfulness, encourages inner and outer knowing, and nourishes a life-long passion for learning.  As a recent visitor from Canada, who happened to be a retired teacher, put it: “India needs more schools like this.  The world needs more schools like this.  And I think the time is ripe for it to happen.”

And now for my latest music video: “It’s A Beautiful Day”

[vimeo clip_id=20464614]

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One thought on “The AIF-APV Connection

  1. Good picture of you and Charlie. Excellent video too. Post it on YouTube. Trying to see if I can schedule a trip up there between April 17/20.

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