Vivek Bantwal Joins the AIF Board

Vivek Bantwal

How did you come to learn of AIF? 

I was very fortunate to have learned about AIF through my friend and colleague Harit Talwar from Goldman Sachs.  Harit invited me along with a broad cross section of our partners to the gala several years ago. We were all impressed with the presentation and learned about the great work AIF was doing from the perspectives of board members, AIF management, and most importantly some of people who have benefited from their work directly.  Each of the speakers were inspiring and provided interesting content to what was a fun evening overall.

What is it about the organization that draws you so strongly toward it? 

While I was born in Philadelphia, both of my parents were born in India and I had the opportunity to visit India every few years to see family and experience the culture.  What struck me during my visits was both how much progress the country had made since my last visit but also how much more work still needed to be done, particularly to help the portion of the population that was being left behind amidst the country’s growth.   AIF’s scale and success developing high impact programs to address the education, health, and welfare of India’s underprivileged is very unique so I was very excited to have the opportunity to get more involved and play a role helping with something I’ve had an interest in since childhood.

Which AIF program resonates most with you and why?

AIF has many terrific programs and I look forward to learning more about and trying to help with all of them over time.  One program I find particularly interesting is the Digital Equalizer program.  There is no question that the ability to understand and leverage technology is critical to achieving success in today’s world and that dynamic will only accelerate from here.  AIF’s Digital Equalizer program is addressing this head on by providing and integrating technology into India’s public schools and helping teachers and students leverage it enhance their learning and development.  More than 4 million children have already benefitted from this program and the potential from here is very exciting.

What are your personal/family values, passions, hobbies?

My wife and I have three young children and talk about our values often as we raise them.  Chief among these are fostering joy in learning, valuing hard work and focusing on process over outcome.  Equally, we feel very strongly about raising independent, creative thinkers who exude humility, good manners, personal accountability, value the opinions and backgrounds of others, and respect diversity.

In terms of other passions and hobbies, sports have always been a big thing in my family.  I love to golf when time permits and am very passionate about the Philadelphia professional sports teams especially our football team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Learn more about his work here


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