Welcome to Mumbai!

After spending a week in Delhi for our AIF orientation which was a great mix of speakers, workshops and time getting to know the other wonderful fellows, I’ve been in Mumbai now just over a week and feeling slightly settled.  The other fellows and I arrived on Sunday afternoon and were greeted by the oppressive Mumbai humidity.  I had heard numerous times before that Mumbai is unlike any other city in India and over the last week I think I’ve started to finally understand what some of those differences are.  I think there is an unparalleled excitement and energy within the city and all of its residents – some people call it the city that never sleeps.  There’s a rich diversity in the people, their views, rituals, celebrations and religions.  I think its all of these qualities that make me incredibly excited and energetic about the next ten months I am about to spend navigating the city and begin to call it home.


Nimish is interested in leveraging private capital markets, particularly in the agricultural and energy markets, for the creation of social and financial value. He has spent the past four years with a middle-market investment bank raising capital for and providing advisory services to U.S. based oil and gas companies. He hopes to acquire a working knowledge of the social enterprise field as well as the ability to effectively evaluate socially conscious investments through the Clinton Fellowship. Given his extensive previous capital markets experience and continued studies in portfolio management, Nimish plans to work towards developing and analyzing unique financial methods and instruments in the impact investing field.

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