What a Difference a Year Makes

I’m still on the road, traveling, so this is yet another reflection on life in India. Tune into my personal blog (blogspot.sarsisue.com) for more NGO news once I am officially reassigned. Here are a few seemingly large differences between life last year and this year:

-Instead of my weekly “tall, non-fat, sugar free, cinnamon dulce latter, no whip,” I now consume more Nescafes than I can count

-I used to work in a cubicle in SoCal where my computer was wallpapered with mountainous views but in Palampur I stared out my office window at the real deal

-Dressing was a chore with too many trousers, shirts, and shoes from which to choose. Now it’s a matter of properly rotating my few salwar kameez suits.

-30km took 15 minutes to drive but now it’s at least a one-hour ride through mountainous terrain or traffic

-My Dad, brother, and I summited a mountain in NH a couple days after Christmas last year. This year it’s the Taj Mahal. (No, I’m not attempting to summit the Taj.)

-Sarah Hine

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