Self-Defense Workshop supported by AIF’s Circle of Hope, Boston

New Delhi, November 27, 2019: AIF’s ABLE program continued its drive on imparting self-defense skills to women with disabilities, this time in Delhi and Haryana, empowering women to feel a little more independent so that they won’t feel restricted in the places they go, the people they can meet or even the activities and events they can take part in. The most recent statistics from the NCRB show that crimes against women have increased 34% in the past four years. 

Conducted over a period of four days, in three different groups, close to fifty women with disabilities participated in the self-defense workshops. They displayed extraordinary courage and bravery and it was heartening to see them raise expectation with such effortless ease and comfort. The aim of these workshops was to offer basic self-defense moves for those who had little or no experience, and instill confidence when faced with dangerous situations. 

Beneficiaries were taught how to defend themselves against common attacks such as chokes, grabs, and bearhugs, including fighting on the ground and when confronted with a weapon. The classes were hands-on, and also delved into street smart strategies like being self-aware and having the right attitude when met with danger. An expert, Arvind Khaire, from Mumbai was specially invited to Delhi and Haryana to conduct these training sessions at NAB Delhi and Welfare Centre for Persons with Speech and Hearing Impairment, Gurugram, Haryana.

The objective of these workshops easily aligns with the notion that disadvantaged girls and women can form an integral part of India’s growing economy, by creating safe and secure passage to workspaces. Having experienced a training in self-defense ensures that a certain level of safety is assured to enable these girls to transition from the periphery into the mainstream and thus, contribute and play their part in India’s growth story. 

Supported by AIF’s Circle of Hope in Boston, ABLE’s self-defense training is a huge step forward in empowering women and girls. But more is needed, much more. The seeds have been planted and must spread to other areas of India. To know more about AIF’s Circles of Hope, please click here.

Since its inception, Ability Based Livelihood Empowerment (ABLE) has trained more than 15,000 persons with disabilities (PwDs) in workplace readiness and industry skills and created more than 9,200 jobs for PwDs. To learn how you can help this movement grow, click here.




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